Titelliste Rupert Hine

Titel Album Jahr
A Golden AgeThe Wildest Wish To Fly1983
Another StrangerImmunity1981
Anvils In FiveUnfinished Picture1973
Ass AllPick Up A Bone1971
Blue FlameThe Wildest Wish To Fly1983
Boo Boo's Faux PasPick Up A Bone1971
Cherish The MemoryThe Deep End1994
Concorde(e) Pastich(e)Unfinished Picture1973
CrossfireThe Deep End1994
Dark WindowsWaving Not Drowning1982
Don't Be AlarmedUnfinished Picture1973
Doubtfully GreyUnfinished Picture1973
Eleven FacesWaving Not Drowning1982
Eyes Likes TwinsThe Deep End1994
Firefly In The NightThe Wildest Wish To Fly1983
Friends And LoversUnfinished Picture1973
Heaven Comes To Those Who WaitThe Deep End1994
House ArrestWaving Not Drowning1982
I Don't Feel A ThingThe Deep End1994
I Hang On To My VertigoImmunity1981
I Think A Man Will Hang SoonImmunity1981
Innocents In ParadiseWaving Not Drowning1982
Instant MusePick Up A Bone1971
KerosenePick Up A Bone1971
LandscapePick Up A Bone1971
Let It RainThe Deep End1994
Make A WishImmunity1981
Me You MinePick Up A Bone1971
Medicine MundayPick Up A Bone1971
Midnight BruisesThe Deep End1994
Misplaced LoveImmunity1981
More Than One, Less Than FivePick Up A Bone1971
Move AlongUnfinished Picture1973
My Moon And Your SunThe Deep End1994
No Yellow HeartThe Wildest Wish To Fly1983
On The WaterlineUnfinished Picture1973
One Mans PoisonWaving Not Drowning1982
Orange SongUnfinished Picture1973
Pick Up A BonePick Up A Bone1971
Picture PhoneThe Wildest Wish To Fly1983
Psycho SurrenderImmunity1981
Running AwayPick Up A Bone1971
ScarecrowPick Up A Bone1971
Silver Shoes In The RainThe Deep End1994
Surface TensionImmunity1981
The Curious KindWaving Not Drowning1982
The Heart Of The MatterThe Deep End1994
The Most Dangerous Of MenThe Wildest Wish To Fly1983
The Other HandThe Deep End1994
The OutsiderWaving Not Drowning1982
The Saturation Of The Video RatThe Wildest Wish To Fly1983
The Set UpWaving Not Drowning1982
The Shallow EndThe Deep End1994
The SniperWaving Not Drowning1982
The Victim Of WanderlustThe Wildest Wish To Fly1983
The Wildest Wish To FlyThe Wildest Wish To Fly1983
Thursday's ChildThe Deep End1994
Where In My LifeUnfinished Picture1973
You Can't Be Chased (Until You Run Away)The Deep End1994