Titelliste Joe Cocker

Titel Album Jahr
(That's What I Like) In My WomanJamaica Say You Will1975
A Girl Like YouCivilized Man1984
A Song For YouStingray1976
A To ZCocker1986
A Whiter Shade Of PaleLuxury You Can Afford1978
A Whiter Shade Of PaleStanding Here2001
A Woman Loves A ManUnchain My Heart1987
Across From MidnightAcross From Midnight1997
Ain't Gonna Cry AgainNo Ordinary World1999
All Our TomorrowsUnchain My Heart1987
AngelineHave A Little Faith1994
Another Mind GoneOne Night Of Sin1989
Bad Bad SingOne Night Of Sin1989
Beware Of DarknessHymn For My Soul2007
Bird On The WireJoe Cocker!1969
Bird On The WireMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Black-Eyed BluesJoe Cocker1972
Blue Medley: I'll Drown In My Own Tears/When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/I've Been Loving You Too LongMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Boogie BabyLuxury You Can Afford1978
Born Thru IndifferenceStingray1976
Bye Bye BlackbirdWith A Little Help From My Friends1969
Bye Bye Blackbird (Version 1996)Organic1996
Can't Be So BadOn Air1997
Can't Find My Way HomeNight Calls1991
Can't Find My Way Home (Version 1996)Organic1996
Chain Of FoolsHeart & Soul2004
Change In LouiseWith A Little Help From My Friends1969
Change In LouiseOn Air1997
Civilized ManCivilized Man1984
Come On InCivilized Man1984
Come TogetherHymn For My Soul2007
Come TogetherFire It Up Live2013
Could You Be LovedAcross From Midnight1997
Crazy In LoveCivilized Man1984
Cry Me A RiverMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Cry Me A RiverSpace Captain1976
Cry Me A RiverFire It Up Live2013
Darlin' Be Home Soon (Version 1996)Organic1996
Darling Be Home SoonJoe Cocker!1969
Darling Be Home SoonOn Air1997
Dear LandlordJoe Cocker!1969
Dear LandlordLive In L.A.1976
Dear LandlordSpace Captain1976
Delta LadyJoe Cocker!1969
Delta LadyMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Delta LadySpace Captain1976
Delta LadyOn Air1997
Delta Lady (Version 1996)Organic1996
Didn't You Know You've Got To Cry Sometime?Live In L.A.1976
Different RoadsNo Ordinary World1999
Do I Still Figure In Your Life?With A Little Help From My Friends1969
Do Right WomanJoe Cocker1972
Don't Drink The WaterCocker1986
Don't Forget MeI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
Don't Give Up On MeHymn For My Soul2007
Don't Let Me Be LonelyHeart & Soul2004
Don't Let Me Be MisunderstoodWith A Little Help From My Friends1969
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Version 1996)Organic1996
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On MeNight Calls1991
Don't You Love Me AnymoreCocker1986
Early In The Mornin'Live In L.A.1976
Even A Fool Would Let GoCivilized Man1984
Every Kind Of PeopleHeart & Soul2004
Every Time It RainsRespect Yourself2002
Everybody HurtsHeart & Soul2004
Eye On The PrizeFire It Up2012
Eye On The PrizeFire It Up Live2013
Feelin' AlrightMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Feelin' AlrightStanding Here2001
Feelin' AlrightFire It Up Live2013
Feelin' Alright?Joe Cocker Live1990
Feeling AlrightWith A Little Help From My Friends1969
FeverOne Night Of Sin1989
Fire It UpFire It Up2012
Fire It UpFire It Up Live2013
First We Take ManhattanNo Ordinary World1999
Five WomenNight Calls1991
Forgive Me NowJamaica Say You Will1975
Fun TimeLuxury You Can Afford1978
Get OnHard Knocks2010
Girl From The North CountryMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Give Peace A ChanceMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Got To Use My ImaginationOne Night Of Sin1989
GuiltyI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
GuiltyLive In New York1981
GuiltyJoe Cocker Live1990
Hard KnocksHard Knocks2010
Hard KnocksFire It Up Live2013
Have A Little Faith In MeHave A Little Faith1994
Heart Full Of RainOrganic1996
Heart Of The MatterCocker1986
Hell And HighwaterHave A Little Faith1994
Hello Little FriendOn Air1997
Hello, Little FriendJoe Cocker!1969
High Lonesome BlueOrganic1996
High Time We WentJoe Cocker1972
High Time We WentLive In L.A.1976
High Time We WentSpace Captain1976
High Time We WentJoe Cocker Live1990
Highway HighwayHave A Little Faith1994
Hitchcock RailwayJoe Cocker!1969
Hitchcock RailwayLive In L.A.1976
Hitchcock RailwaySpace Captain1976
Hitchcock RailwayLive In New York1981
Hitchcock RailwayJoe Cocker Live1990
Hitchcock RailwayOn Air1997
Hitchcock RailwayStanding Here2001
Hold On (I Feel Our Love Changing)Civilized Man1984
Honky Tonk WomanSpace Captain1976
Honky Tonk WomenMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Hymn 4 My SoulHymn For My Soul2007
I Broke DownStingray1976
I Can Hear The RiverNight Calls1991
I Can Stand A Little RainI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
I Can't Say NoLuxury You Can Afford1978
I Can't Say NoStanding Here2001
I Come In PeaceFire It Up2012
I Come In PeaceFire It Up Live2013
I Get MadI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
I Heard It Through The GrapevineLuxury You Can Afford1978
I Heard It Through The GrapevineStanding Here2001
I HopeHard Knocks2010
I Keep ForgettingHeart & Soul2004
I Know (You Don't Want Me No More)Luxury You Can Afford1978
I Love The NightCivilized Man1984
I Put A Spell On YouHeart & Soul2004
I Shall Be ReleasedWith A Little Help From My Friends1969
I Stand In WonderUnchain My Heart1987
I Think It's Going To Rain TodayJamaica Say You Will1975
I Who Have NothingHeart & Soul2004
I Will Live For YouOne Night Of Sin1989
I'll Be Your DoctorFire It Up2012
I'll Be Your DoctorFire It Up Live2013
I'll Walk In The Sunshine AgainFire It Up2012
I'm Listening NowRespect Yourself2002
I'm Your ManOne Night Of Sin1989
If I Love YouJamaica Say You Will1975
Inner City BluesCocker1986
Into The MysticOrganic1996
IntroLive In New York1981
IntroductionMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
IntroductionMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
IntroductionMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
IntroductionMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
IntroductionMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
IsolationUnchain My Heart1987
It's A Sin When You Love SomebodyI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
It's All Over But The Shoutin'Jamaica Say You Will1975
It's Only LoveRespect Yourself2002
Jack-A-DiamondsJamaica Say You Will1975
Jamaica Say You WillJamaica Say You Will1975
Jealous GuyHeart & Soul2004
Jealous KindLive In New York1981
Jealous KindStanding Here2001
Just Like A WomanWith A Little Help From My Friends1969
Just Like AlwaysSheffield Steel1982
Just Like AlwaysStanding Here2001
Just Pass It OnHymn For My Soul2007
Just To Keep From DrowningOne Night Of Sin1989
Lady Put The Light OutLuxury You Can Afford1978
Lawdy Miss ClawdyJoe Cocker!1969
Lawdy Miss ClawdyOn Air1997
Leave A Light OnRespect Yourself2002
Let The Healing BeginHave A Little Faith1994
Let's Go Get StonedMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Let's Go Get StonedOn Air1997
LetterLive In New York1981
Letting GoOne Night Of Sin1989
Lie To MeNo Ordinary World1999
Little Bit Of LoveNight Calls1991
Living In The PromiselandJoe Cocker Live1990
Living Without Your LoveCocker1986
Long As I Can See The LightHymn For My Soul2007
Long Drag Off A CigaretteCivilized Man1984
Look What You've DoneLive In New York1981
Look What You've DoneSheffield Steel1982
Look What You've DoneStanding Here2001
Love Don't Live Here AnymoreHeart & Soul2004
Love Is AliveNight Calls1991
Love Is For MeHymn For My Soul2007
Love Is On A FadeCocker1986
Love Made A PromiseNo Ordinary World1999
Love Not WarRespect Yourself2002
Love The One You're WithLive In L.A.1976
Love The One You're WithSpace Captain1976
Love To Lean OnNo Ordinary World1999
Loving You TonightAcross From Midnight1997
LucibdaJamaica Say You Will1975
Many Rivers To CrossSheffield Steel1982
Many Rivers To Cross (Version 1996)Organic1996
MarieSheffield Steel1982
MarjorineWith A Little Help From My Friends1969
MarjorineOn Air1997
Maybe I'm AmazedHeart & Soul2004
Midnight RiderJoe Cocker1972
Midnight RiderLive In L.A.1976
Midnight RiderSpace Captain1976
Midnight Without YouRespect Yourself2002
Moon DewStingray1976
Moon Is A Harsh MistressI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
My Father's SonNo Ordinary World1999
N'oubliez JamaisAcross From Midnight1997
N'oubliez JamaisFire It Up Live2013
Naked Without YouNo Ordinary World1999
Need Your Love So BadAcross From Midnight1997
Never Tear Us ApartRespect Yourself2002
Night CallsNight Calls1991
No Ordinary WorldNo Ordinary World1999
Not Too Young To Die Of A Broken HeartNight Calls1991
Oh MamaJamaica Say You Will1975
On My Way HomeNo Ordinary World1999
OneHeart & Soul2004
One Night Of SinOne Night Of Sin1989
One Word (Peace)Hymn For My Soul2007
Out Of The BlueHave A Little Faith1994
Out Of The RainNight Calls1991
Pardon Me SirJoe Cocker1972
PerformanceI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
Please No MoreNight Calls1991
Put Out The LightI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
Put Out The LightLive In New York1981
Respect YourselfRespect Yourself2002
Ring Them BellsHymn For My Soul2007
Rivers InvitationHymn For My Soul2007
Ruby LeeSheffield Steel1982
Run Shakers LifeOn Air1997
Runaway TrainHard Knocks2010
Sail AwayOrganic1996
Sandpaper CadillacWith A Little Help From My Friends1969
SatisfiedUnchain My Heart1987
Seven DaysSheffield Steel1982
Seven DaysStanding Here2001
She Believes In MeNo Ordinary World1999
She Came In Through The Bathroom WindowJoe Cocker!1969
She Came In Through The Bathroom WindowSpace Captain1976
She Came In Through The Bathroom WindowJoe Cocker Live1990
She Came In Thru The Bathroom WindowMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
She Don't MindJoe Cocker1972
She Is My LadyStingray1976
Shelter MeCocker1986
Shelter MeJoe Cocker Live1990
ShockedSheffield Steel1982
ShockedStanding Here2001
Sing Me A SongI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
SoHard Knocks2010
So BlueLive In New York1981
So Good So RightSheffield Steel1982
So It GoesHard Knocks2010
SomethingJoe Cocker!1969
Something To SayJoe Cocker1972
Soul RisingNo Ordinary World1999
Soul TimeHave A Little Faith1994
Southern LadyLuxury You Can Afford1978
Space CaptainMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Space CaptainSpace Captain1976
St. James InfirmaryJoe Cocker1972
St. James InfirmaryLive In L.A.1976
St. James InfirmarySpace Captain1976
Standing Knee Deep In A RiverHave A Little Faith1994
Stay The SameHard Knocks2010
Sticks And StonesMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Summer In The CityHave A Little Faith1994
Summer In The CityFire It Up Live2013
SuperstarMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
Sweet ForgivenessLive In New York1981
Sweet ForgivenessStanding Here2001
Sweet Lil WomanStanding Here2001
Sweet Little WomanSheffield Steel1982
Talking Back To The NightSheffield Steel1982
TemptedCivilized Man1984
ThankfulHard Knocks2010
That's All I Need To KnowAcross From Midnight1997
That's The Way Here Love IsAcross From Midnight1997
That's Your BusinessJoe Cocker!1969
That's Your BusinessOn Air1997
The FallHard Knocks2010
The Great DivideHave A Little Faith1994
The Jealous KindStingray1976
The Last One To KnowAcross From Midnight1997
The LetterMad Dogs & Englishmen1970
The LetterSpace Captain1976
The LetterJoe Cocker Live1990
The LetterStanding Here2001
The LetterFire It Up Live2013
The Letting GoFire It Up2012
The Man In MeStingray1976
The Moon Is A Harsh MistressStanding Here2001
The OneUnchain My Heart1987
The River's RisingUnchain My Heart1987
The Simple ThingsHave A Little Faith1994
There Goes My BabyCivilized Man1984
There's A Storm ComingNight Calls1991
This Is Your LifeRespect Yourself2002
TonightAcross From Midnight1997
Too CoolHave A Little Faith1994
Trust In MeUnchain My Heart1987
Two WrongsUnchain My Heart1987
Unchain My HeartUnchain My Heart1987
Unchain My HeartJoe Cocker Live1990
Unchain My HeartFire It Up Live2013
UnforgivenOne Night Of Sin1989
UnforgivenHard Knocks2010
Up Where We BelongJoe Cocker Live1990
Up Where We BelongFire It Up Live2013
Wasted YearsLuxury You Can Afford1978
Watching The River FlowLuxury You Can Afford1978
Watching The River FlowStanding Here2001
Wayward SoulAcross From Midnight1997
Weight Of The WorldFire It Up2012
What Are You Doing With A Fool Like MeJoe Cocker Live1990
What Do I Tell My HeartAcross From Midnight1997
What Do You Say?Across From Midnight1997
What Kind Of Man Are You?Live In L.A.1976
What You Did To Me Last NightLuxury You Can Afford1978
What's Going OnHeart & Soul2004
When The Night ComesOne Night Of Sin1989
When The Night ComesJoe Cocker Live1990
When The Night ComesFire It Up Live2013
Where Am I NowJamaica Say You Will1975
Where Would I Be NowNo Ordinary World1999
While You See A ChanceNo Ordinary World1999
Whith A Little Help From My FriendsFire It Up Live2013
With A Little Help From My FriendsWith A Little Help From My Friends1969
With A Little Help From My FriendsLive In New York1981
With A Little Help From My FriendsJoe Cocker Live1990
With A Little Help From My FriendsOn Air1997
With A Little Help From My FriendsStanding Here2001
Woman To WomanJoe Cocker1972
You And IOrganic1996
You Are So BeautifulI Can Stand A Little Rain1974
You Are So BeautifulLive In New York1981
You Are So BeautifulJoe Cocker Live1990
You Are So BeautifulStanding Here2001
You Are So BeautifulFire It Up Live2013
You Are So Beautiful (Version 1996)Organic1996
You Came AlongStingray1976
You Can Leave Your Hat OnCocker1986
You Can Leave Your Hat OnJoe Cocker Live1990
You Can Leave Your Hat OnFire It Up Live2013
You Can Leave Your Hat On (Version 1996)Organic1996
You Can't Have My HeartRespect Yourself2002
You Don't Know What You're Doing To MeFire It Up2012
You Don't Know What You're Doing To MeFire It Up Live2013
You Don't Need A Million DollarsFire It Up2012
You Don't Need A Million DollarsFire It Up Live2013
You Haven't Done Nothin'Hymn For My Soul2007
You Know It's Gonna HurtOne Night Of Sin1989
You Love Me BackFire It Up2012
You Love Me BackFire It Up Live2013
You Took It So HardRespect Yourself2002
You've Got To Hide Your Love AwayNight Calls1991
YoungerFire It Up2012
YoungerFire It Up Live2013