Titelliste Icehouse

Titel Album Jahr
All The WayThe Berlin Tapes1995
All Tomorrow's PartiesThe Berlin Tapes1995
Angel StreetMeasure For Measure1986
Anybody's WarMan Of Colours1987
Anything Is PossibleCode Blue1990
At NightThe Berlin Tapes1995
Baby, You're So StrangeMeasure For Measure1986
Baby, You're So StrangeIn Concert2015
BerlinThe Berlin Tapes1995
Big FunCode Blue1990
Big WheelBig Wheel1993
Blue NoiseFull Circle1994
BoulevardeIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Break These ChainsPrimitive Man1982
Buffalo Soldier / Street CafeDubHOUSE2014
CadillacBig Wheel1993
Can't Help MyselfIcehouse1980
Can't Help MyselfDubHOUSE2014
Can't Help MyselfIn Concert2015
Can't Help MyselfIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Can't Help Myself (beXta Remix)Meltdown2002
Charlie's SkyCode Blue1990
ColoursFull Circle1994
Complicated GameThe Berlin Tapes1995
CrazyMan Of Colours1987
CrazyIn Concert2015
Crazy (12" Version)Man Of Colours1987
Crazy (John Abrahams Remix)Meltdown2002
Crazy (Midnight Mix)Man Of Colours1987
Cross The BorderMeasure For Measure1986
Cross The BorderIn Concert2015
Cross The Border (Funk Corporation Remix)Meltdown2002
Dedicated To GlamFull Circle1994
DesdemonaFull Circle1994
DisappointedThe Berlin Tapes1995
Don't Believe AnymoreIn Concert2015
Don't Believe Anymore (Ivan Gough & Colin Snape Remix)Meltdown2002
Don’t Believe AnymoreSidewalk1984
Dusty PagesSidewalk1984
Dusty PagesIn Concert2015
Electric BlueMan Of Colours1987
Electric BlueIn Concert2015
Electric Blue (Skipraiders Remix)Meltdown2002
Electric Blue / Could You Be LovedDubHOUSE2014
Exodus / Great Southern LandDubHOUSE2014
FatmanIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Feed The MachineBig Wheel1993
Get It OnIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Girl In The MoonMan Of Colours1987
GlamPrimitive Man1982
GlamLove In Motion1983
Goodbye, ValentineBig Wheel1993
Goodnight Mr. MatthewsPrimitive Man1982
Goodnight, Mr. MatthewsLove In Motion1983
Great Southern LandPrimitive Man1982
Great Southern LandLove In Motion1983
Great Southern LandIn Concert2015
Great Southern LandIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Great Southern Land (Endorphin Remix)Meltdown2002
Habour TownCode Blue1990
Heartbreak KidMan Of Colours1987
Heartbreak KidIn Concert2015
HeavenThe Berlin Tapes1995
HeroesThe Berlin Tapes1995
Hey Little GirlLove In Motion1983
Hey Little Girl (Infusion Remix)Meltdown2002
Hey, Little GirlPrimitive Man1982
Hey, Little GirlIn Concert2015
Hey, Little Girl / You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)DubHOUSE2014
IcehouseIn Concert2015
IcehouseIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Icehouse (Peewee Ferris & John Ferris Remix)Meltdown2002
IntroductionIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Invisible PeopleBig Wheel1993
Jericho BayCode Blue1990
JudasBig Wheel1993
KilimanjaroFull Circle1994
KingdomMan Of Colours1987
Knockin 'Em DownCode Blue1990
Lay Your Hands On Me (vs. Speed Of Light)Meltdown2002
Let There Be LoveThe Berlin Tapes1995
Love In MotionLove In Motion1983
Love In MotionDubHOUSE2014
Love In MotionIn Concert2015
Love In Motion (Slow Motion)Full Circle1994
Love In Motion (Wicked Beat Sound System Remix)Meltdown2002
Love Like BloodThe Berlin Tapes1995
Loving The AlienThe Berlin Tapes1995
Lucky MeMeasure For Measure1986
Man Of ColoursMan Of Colours1987
Man Of ColoursIn Concert2015
Man Of Colours (Endorphin Remix)Meltdown2002
Melt Steel (Part I)Full Circle1994
Melt Steel (Part II)Full Circle1994
Melt Steel (Part III)Full Circle1994
MercyFull Circle1994
Mercy On The BoyCode Blue1990
Miracle MileCode Blue1990
Miss DivineCode Blue1990
Miss DivineIn Concert2015
MLKFull Circle1994
Mr. BigMeasure For Measure1986
Mr. BigIn Concert2015
My ObsessionMan Of Colours1987
Mysterious ThingPrimitive Man1982
Mysterious ThingLove In Motion1983
No PromisesMeasure For Measure1986
No PromisesDubHOUSE2014
No Promises ((Love) Tattoo Remix)Meltdown2002
Not My KindIcehouse1980
Not My KindIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Nothing To DoIcehouse1980
Nothing Too SeriousMan Of Colours1987
Nothing Too SeriousDubHOUSE2014
Nothing Too SeriousIn Concert2015
On My MindSidewalk1984
One By OnePrimitive Man1982
One By OneLove In Motion1983
ParadiseMeasure For Measure1986
Pretty VacantIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Really Good TimeThe Berlin Tapes1995
Regular BoysMeasure For Measure1986
Sam The ManBig Wheel1993
SatelliteBig Wheel1993
Shakin' The Cage (Techno)Full Circle1994
She ComesFull Circle1994
Shot DownSidewalk1984
SisterIn Concert2015
SisterIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Sister EuropeThe Berlin Tapes1995
SkinIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
Someone Like YouSidewalk1984
Spanish GoldMeasure For Measure1986
Stay Close TonightSidewalk1984
Stolen GuitarBig Wheel1993
Street CafePrimitive Man1982
Street CafeLove In Motion1983
Street CafeIn Concert2015
Street Cafe (Smash 'n' Grab Remix)Meltdown2002
SunriseMan Of Colours1987
Taking The TownSidewalk1984
The FlameMeasure For Measure1986
The Great DivideCode Blue1990
The Great Southern MixFull Circle1994
The Israelites / We Can Get TogetherDubHOUSE2014
The Jean GenieIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
The MountainSidewalk1984
The SystemBig Wheel1993
This TimeSidewalk1984
Trojan BluePrimitive Man1982
Trojan BlueLove In Motion1983
UniformPrimitive Man1982
UniformLove In Motion1983
Walk On The Wild Side / Heartbreak KidDubHOUSE2014
WallsIn Concert2015
WallsIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
We Can Get TogetherIcehouse1980
We Can Get TogetherIn Concert2015
We Can Get TogetherIcehouse Plays Flowers2020
We Can Get Together (Sonic Animation Remix)Meltdown2002
Where The River Meets The SeaCode Blue1990
WildFull Circle1994
Wind And SailCode Blue1990
Yo, Micro BabeFull Circle1994