Titelliste Human League

Titel Album Jahr
(Keep Feeling) FascinationLive At The Dome2005
(Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended)Fascination!1983
(Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvisation)Fascination!1983
(Together In) Electric DreamsLive At The Dome2005
122.3 BPMSecrets2001
A Doorway?Romantic?1990
All I Ever WantedSecrets2001
All I Ever WantedLive At The Dome2005
Almost MedievalReproduction1979
Are You Ever Coming Back?Crash1986
Austerity / Girl One (Medley)Reproduction1979
Being BoiledHoliday '80 (EP)1980
Being BoiledTravelogue1980
Blind YouthReproduction1979
Breaking The ChainsCredo2011
C'est GraveDance Like A Star (EP)2002
Circus Of DeathReproduction1979
Crow And A BabyTravelogue1980
Cruel Young LoverOctopus1995
Dance Like A Star (V.1)Dance Like A Star (EP)2002
Dance Like A Star (V.2)Dance Like A Star (EP)2002
DancevisionHoliday '80 (EP)1980
DarknessLive At The Dome2005
Do Or DieDare1981
Do Or Die (Instrumental)Love And Dancing1982
Don't You Know I Want YouHysteria1984
Don't You Want MeDare1981
Don't You Want MeLive At The Dome2005
Don't You Want Me (Instrumental)Love And Dancing1982
Dreams Of LeavingTravelogue1980
Electric ShockCredo2011
Empire State HumanReproduction1979
Filling Up With HeavenOctopus1995
Get CarterDare1981
Get It Right This TimeRomantic?1990
Get TogetherCredo2011
Gordon's GinTravelogue1980
Hard TimesFascination!1983
Hard Times (Instrumental)Love And Dancing1982
Heart Like A WheelRomantic?1990
Housefull Of NothingOctopus1995
HumanLive At The Dome2005
I Am The LawDare1981
I Love You Too MuchFascination!1983
I Love You Too MuchHysteria1984
I Need Your LovingCrash1986
I'm Coming BackHysteria1984
Into The NightCredo2011
John Cleese; Is He Funny?Octopus1995
Kiss The FutureRomantic?1990
Last Man On EarthDance Like A Star (EP)2002
Let's Get Together AgainRomantic?1990
Life KillsTravelogue1980
Life On Your OwnHysteria1984
LouiseLive At The Dome2005
Love Action (I Believe In Love)Dare1981
Love Action (I Believe In Love) (Instrumental)Love And Dancing1982
Love Is All That MattersCrash1986
Love Me Madly?Secrets2001
Love On The RunCrash1986
MarianneHoliday '80 (EP)1980
Medley: Hard Times / Love ActionLive At The Dome2005
Men Are DreamersRomantic?1990
Mirror ManFascination!1983
Mirror ManLive At The Dome2005
Mister Moon And Mister SunRomantic?1990
Morale... You've Lost That Loving FeelingReproduction1979
Never AgainOctopus1995
Never Give Your HeartSecrets2001
Never Let Me GoCredo2011
Night PeopleCredo2011
One Man In My HeartOctopus1995
Only After DarkTravelogue1980
Open Your HeartDare1981
Open Your HeartLive At The Dome2005
Open Your Heart (Instrumental)Love And Dancing1982
Rock 'N' Roll / NightclubbingHoliday '80 (EP)1980
Rock Me Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again (Six Times)Hysteria1984
Seconds (Instrumental)Love And Dancing1982
Sin CitySecrets2001
Single MindedCredo2011
So HurtHysteria1984
Soundtrack To A GenerationRomantic?1990
Tell Me WhenOctopus1995
The Black Hit Of SpaceTravelogue1980
The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 1The Dignity Of Labour Pts. 1 - 4 (EP)1978
The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 2The Dignity Of Labour Pts. 1 - 4 (EP)1978
The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 3The Dignity Of Labour Pts. 1 - 4 (EP)1978
The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 4The Dignity Of Labour Pts. 1 - 4 (EP)1978
The LebanonHysteria1984
The LebanonLive At The Dome2005
The Path Of Least ResistanceReproduction1979
The Real ThingCrash1986
The SignHysteria1984
The SnakeSecrets2001
The SnakeLive At The Dome2005
The Sound Of The CrowdDare1981
The Sound Of The Crowd (Instrumental)Love And Dancing1982
The Stars Are Going OutRomantic?1990
The Things That Dreams Are Made OfDare1981
The Things That Dreams Are Made OfLive At The Dome2005
The TouchablesTravelogue1980
The Word Before LastReproduction1979
These Are The DaysOctopus1995
Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Instrumental)Love And Dancing1982
Titled U.N.Dance Like A Star (EP)2002
Toyota CityTravelogue1980
TreatmentDance Like A Star (EP)2002
When The Stars Start To ShineCredo2011
WXJL TonightTravelogue1980
You Remind Me Of GoldFascination!1983
You'll Be SorrySecrets2001
Zero As A LimitReproduction1979