Titelliste Gotye

Titel Album Jahr
A Distinctive SoundLike Drawing Blood2006
Board With This GameBoardface2003
BronteMaking Mirrors2011
Coming BackLike Drawing Blood2006
Coming BackMixed Blood2007
Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching YouMaking Mirrors2011
Easy Way OutMaking Mirrors2011
Eyes Wide OpenMaking Mirrors2011
Get AcquaintedMixed Blood2007
Giving Me A ChanceMaking Mirrors2011
Hearts A MessLike Drawing Blood2006
Hearts A Mess (3AM Mix)Mixed Blood2007
Hearts A Mess (Electro-Baltimore Club Mix)Mixed Blood2007
Hearts A Mess (Remix)Mixed Blood2007
Here In This PlaceBoardface2003
I Feel BetterMaking Mirrors2011
In Your LightMaking Mirrors2011
LearnalilgivinanlovinLike Drawing Blood2006
Learnalilgivinanlovin (That'll Learn 'Em Remix)Mixed Blood2007
Like Drawing BloodLike Drawing Blood2006
Loath To RefuseBoardface2003
Making MirrorsMaking Mirrors2011
Night DriveLike Drawing Blood2006
Noir ExcursionBoardface2003
Out Here In The ColdBoardface2003
Out Of My MindBoardface2003
Out Of My Mind (Ocean Of Dubs)Mixed Blood2007
Puzzle With A Piece MissingLike Drawing Blood2006
Puzzle With A Piece MissingMixed Blood2007
Puzzle With A Piece Missing (Remix)Mixed Blood2007
Sate Of The ArtMaking Mirrors2011
Save MeMaking Mirrors2011
Seven Hours With A Backseat DriverLike Drawing Blood2006
Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver (Way Back When Mix)Mixed Blood2007
Smoke And MirrorsMaking Mirrors2011
Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)Making Mirrors2011
Thanks For Your TimeLike Drawing Blood2006
Thanks For Your Time (Remix)Mixed Blood2007
The Only Thing I KnowBoardface2003
The Only Thing I Know (Remix)Mixed Blood2007
The Only WayLike Drawing Blood2006
The Only WayMixed Blood2007
True To YouBoardface2003
Waiting For YouBoardface2003
What Do You Want?Boardface2003
Wonder Why You Want HerBoardface2003
Worn OutMixed Blood2007
Worn Out BluesLike Drawing Blood2006