Titelliste Fischer-Z

Titel Album Jahr
A.I.Owns.U.Til The Oceans Overflow2021
AcrobatsWord Salad1979
And This We Call CrimeKamikaze Shirt1993
Barbera SunlightBuilding Bridges2017
Bathroom ScenarioRed Skies Over Paradise1981
Battalions Of StrangersRed Skies Over Paradise1981
BerlinRed Skies Over Paradise1981
Big DrumReveal1987
Big Man BuddhaStream1995
Big Orange SunTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Big Wide WorldSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
Billy & The Motorway PoliceWord Salad1979
Blue AnenomeKamikaze Shirt1993
BrianTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Buffalo HeartStream1995
Cardboard StreetSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
CarusoDestination Paradise1992
ChooseTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Count To TenDestination Paradise1992
CrankGoing Deaf For A Living1980
Crazy GirlGoing Deaf For A Living1980
Cruise MissilesRed Skies Over Paradise1981
Cuban Rain FallingTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Damascus DiscoBuilding Bridges2017
Destination ParadiseDestination Paradise1992
Dream WeddingStream1995
Dystopia's HereTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Easy MoneyBuilding Bridges2017
Fighting Back The TearsReveal1987
Films With Happy EndingsSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
Four Minutes In Durham (With You)Going Deaf For A Living1980
Further From LoveDestination Paradise1992
Going Deaf For A LivingGoing Deaf For A Living1980
Goldrush TownStream1995
Half Naked Girl On The WindowsillSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
HatersGoing Deaf For A Living1980
HeadlinesWord Salad1979
Here & NowStream1995
Ho Ho HoFish's Head1989
HubaFish's Head1989
Human BeingsKamikaze Shirt1993
I Can't Wait That LongReveal1987
In EnglandRed Skies Over Paradise1981
Invite Me To Your PartyBuilding Bridges2017
Is The LoveThis Is My Universe2015
It Could Be YouFish's Head1989
It Takes LoveReveal1987
It's Only A HurricaneFish's Head1989
Jesus Give Me Back My LifeStream1995
Just Like JusticeThis Is My Universe2015
Just WordsFish's Head1989
Just-A-ManThis Is My Universe2015
Kamikaze ShirtKamikaze Shirt1993
Killing TimeKamikaze Shirt1993
Leave It To The Businessmen To Die YoungReveal1987
LemmingsWord Salad1979
Let's Put The Pressure OnBuilding Bridges2017
LiesWord Salad1979
LimboGoing Deaf For A Living1980
LoreleiThis Is My Universe2015
Love Train DramaSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
Luton To LisbonRed Skies Over Paradise1981
Magic MoonStream1995
Marguerite YourcenarDestination Paradise1992
MarlieseRed Skies Over Paradise1981
MarlonKamikaze Shirt1993
Martha ThargillThis Is My Universe2015
MasqueradeFish's Head1989
Mockingbird AgainDestination Paradise1992
Multinationals BiteRed Skies Over Paradise1981
Narcissus Took Me DownTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Nice To KnowWord Salad1979
No BohemiaSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
No RightGoing Deaf For A Living1980
No StringsStream1995
Of All TheDestination Paradise1992
Oh CompassionTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Oh MotherFish's Head1989
Pick Up/Slip UpGoing Deaf For A Living1980
PolytheneKamikaze Shirt1993
Pretty ParacetamolWord Salad1979
PrimeSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
Radio K.I.L.L.Kamikaze Shirt1993
Realistic ManReveal1987
Red Skies Over ParadiseRed Skies Over Paradise1981
Remember RussiaWord Salad1979
Right NowSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
Romance Can Last ForeverTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Room ServiceGoing Deaf For A Living1980
Row Boys RowBuilding Bridges2017
Saturday NightDestination Paradise1992
Say NoFish's Head1989
Say WhenDestination Paradise1992
She SaidFish's Head1989
ShrinkBuilding Bridges2017
So CloseBuilding Bridges2017
So FarReveal1987
So HardDestination Paradise1992
So LongGoing Deaf For A Living1980
Song & Dance BrigadeRed Skies Over Paradise1981
SpidersWord Salad1979
Stamp It OutSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
StarsKamikaze Shirt1993
Sticky BusinessFish's Head1989
Still In FlamesDestination Paradise1992
StolenSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
Stream Of UnconsciousStream1995
Stripper In The MirrorKamikaze Shirt1993
Swimming In ThunderstormsSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
Tale Of BalesThis Is My Universe2015
Tallulah TomorrowReveal1987
The French Let HerWord Salad1979
The Heaven InjectionSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
The Islamic AmericanSwimming In Thunderstorms2019
The Peaches & CreamKamikaze Shirt1993
The Perfect DayReveal1987
The Selfish MirrorTil The Oceans Overflow2021
The WorkerWord Salad1979
The WriterRed Skies Over Paradise1981
There's A Wilderness HereBuilding Bridges2017
This Is My UniverseThis Is My Universe2015
TightropeDestination Paradise1992
Til The Oceans OverflowTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Time For RitaDestination Paradise1992
UmberellaBuilding Bridges2017
Unshakeable BlueskyThis Is My Universe2015
Untitled TrackKamikaze Shirt1993
WarySwimming In Thunderstorms2019
WatersideTil The Oceans Overflow2021
Wax DollsWord Salad1979
Wild Wild Wild WildBuilding Bridges2017
Will You Be There?Destination Paradise1992
WinstonThis Is My Universe2015
World-Go-RoundThis Is My Universe2015
Wristcutter's LullabyRed Skies Over Paradise1981
You Never Cross The Same River TwiceStream1995
You'll Never Find Brian HereRed Skies Over Paradise1981