Titelliste Dave Edmunds

Titel Album Jahr
(I'm Gonna Start) Living Again If It Kills MeTwangin...1981
A Better Word For Love...Again2013
A Whiter Shade Of PaleOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015
A.1. On The JukeboxTracks On Wax 41978
AllegroAlive & Pickin'2005
Allegro From Mozart's 40th Symphony In G MinorHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Almost Saturday NightTwangin...1981
Baby Face...Again2013
Baby I Love YouSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Baby Let's Play HouseTwangin...1981
BabyfaceHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Back To School DaysGet It1977
Bad Is BadRepeat When Necessary1979
Bail You OutD.E. 71982
Beach Boy Blood (In My Veins)Plugged In1994
Better Word For LovePlugged In1994
Billy The KidSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Black Mountain RagOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015
Blue Moon Of Kentucky / The ClawAlive & Pickin'2005
Blue SmokeAlive & Pickin'2005
Born To Be With YouSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Breakin' OutRiff Raff1984
Busted LooseRiff Raff1984
C'mon EverybodyKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
C'mon EverybodyC'mon Everybody2002
Can't Get EnoughRiff Raff1984
Cannonball RagOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015
Cheap Talk, Patter And JiveTwangin...1981
Chutes & LaddersPlugged In1994
Chutes And Ladders...Again2013
Classical GasHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Classical GasAlive & Pickin'2005
Classical GasOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015
Classical Gas (Jazz Trio Version)Hand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Closer To The FlameCloser To The Flame1990
Closer To The FlameKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
Closer To The FlameC'mon Everybody2002
Crawling From The WreckageRepeat When Necessary1979
Crawling From The WreckageI Hear You Rockin'1987
Crawling From The WreckageKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
Crawling From The WreckageA Pile Of Rock2001
Crawling From The WreckageC'mon Everybody2002
Crawling From The Wreckage / Queen Of HeartsAlive & Pickin'2005
Da Doo Ron RonSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Dance, Dance, DanceRockpile1972
Dear DadD.E. 71982
DeborahTracks On Wax 41978
Deep In The Heart Of TexasD.E. 71982
Don't Call Me TonightInformation1983
Don't Call Me TonightKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
Don't Call Me TonightC'mon Everybody2002
Don't Talk To MeCloser To The Flame1990
Don't Talk To MeKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
Don't Talk To MeC'mon Everybody2002
Don't You DoubleInformation1983
Down, Down, DownRockpile1972
DynamiteRepeat When Necessary1979
Egg Or The HenRockpile1972
Every Time I See HerCloser To The Flame1990
Fallin' Through A HoleKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
Fallin' Through A HoleC'mon Everybody2002
Fallin' Trough A HoleCloser To The Flame1990
Far AwayRiff Raff1984
Feel So RightInformation1983
Feel So RightKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
Feels So RightC'mon Everybody2002
From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)D.E. 71982
From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)King Biscuit Flower Hour1999
From Small Things Big Things ComeC'mon Everybody2002
Generation RumbleD.E. 71982
Georgia On My Mind...Again2013
Get ItGet It1977
Get Out Of DenverGet It1977
Girls TalkRepeat When Necessary1979
Girls TalkI Hear You Rockin'1987
Girls TalkKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
Girls TalkC'mon Everybody2002
Girls TalkAlive & Pickin'2005
God Only KnowsOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015
Goodbye Mr. Good GuyRepeat When Necessary1979
Green OnionsOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015
Halfway DownPlugged In1994
Halfway Down...Again2013
Hang OnRiff Raff1984
Have A HeartInformation1983
Heart Of The CityTracks On Wax 41978
Hell Of A PainRockpile1972
Here Comes The WeekendGet It1977
Here Comes The WeekendI Hear You Rockin'1987
Here Comes The WeekendA Pile Of Rock2001
Hey Good Lookin'Get It1977
Home In My HandRepeat When Necessary1979
How Could I Be So WrongRiff Raff1984
I Ain't NeverSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
I Believe I Can FlyOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015
I Got The WillPlugged In1994
I Got The Will...Again2013
I Got Your NumberCloser To The Flame1990
I Hear You Knockin'A Pile Of Rock2001
I Hear You KnockingRockpile1972
I Hear You KnockingI Hear You Rockin'1987
I Knew The BrideGet It1977
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock & Roll)King Biscuit Flower Hour1999
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock & Roll)A Pile Of Rock2001
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock & Roll)C'mon Everybody2002
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock & Roll)Alive & Pickin'2005
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll)I Hear You Rockin'1987
I Love MusicPlugged In1994
I Love Music...Again2013
I Still Love YouHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
I Still Love You...Again2013
I Want You BadInformation1983
I'm Only HumanTwangin...1981
I'm ReadyA Pile Of Rock2001
InformationI Hear You Rockin'1987
InformationKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
InformationC'mon Everybody2002
It Ain't EasyRockpile1972
It Doesn't Really MatterPlugged In1994
It Doesn't Really Matter...Again2013
It's Been So LongTwangin...1981
It's My Own BusinessTracks On Wax 41978
Ju Ju ManI Hear You Rockin'1987
Ju Ju ManA Pile Of Rock2001
Juju ManGet It1977
King Of LoveCloser To The Flame1990
King Of LoveA Pile Of Rock2001
Lady MadonnaA Pile Of Rock2001
Lady MadonnaAlive & Pickin'2005
Leave My Woman AloneSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Let It Be MeSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Let It RockSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Let It RockA Pile Of Rock2001
Let It RockAlive & Pickin'2005
Let's Talk About UsGet It1977
LiebestraumHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Little Darlin'Get It1977
Louisiana ManD.E. 71982
Love Letters In The SandHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Love Letters In The SandAlive & Pickin'2005
Lover Not A FighterRockpile1972
MaybeSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Me And The BoysD.E. 71982
Mess Of Blues / I Hear You KnockingAlive & Pickin'2005
My Baby Left MeGet It1977
Mystery Train / Mystery PickingAlive & Pickin'2005
Never Been In LoveTracks On Wax 41978
Never Take The Place Of YouCloser To The Flame1990
No Money DownSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Not A Woman, Not A ChildTracks On Wax 41978
One More NightD.E. 71982
One Step BackPlugged In1994
Other Guys GirlsD.E. 71982
Outlaw BluesRockpile1972
ParalyzedI Hear You Rockin'1987
Paula Meet JeanneD.E. 71982
People Wanna Get High...Again2013
Queen Of HeartsRepeat When Necessary1979
Queen Of HeartsI Hear You Rockin'1987
Queen Of HeartsA Pile Of Rock2001
Readers WivesTracks On Wax 41978
Return To SenderHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Return To Sender...Again2013
Rules Of The GameRiff Raff1984
S. O. S.Riff Raff1984
Sabre DanceA Pile Of Rock2001
Sabre DanceAlive & Pickin'2005
Sabre Dance '94Plugged In1994
Saturday Night ShuffleHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
She's My BabySubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
Sheik Of ArabyAlive & Pickin'2005
Shot Of Rhythm And BluesSubtle As A Flying Mallet1975
SincerelyCloser To The Flame1990
Singin' The BluesTwangin...1981
Slippin' AwayInformation1983
Slipping AwayI Hear You Rockin'1987
Slipping AwayKing Biscuit Flower Hour1999
Slipping AwayC'mon Everybody2002
SmileAlive & Pickin'2005
Something About YouRiff Raff1984
Something HappensTwangin...1981
Standing At The CrossroadsPlugged In1994
Standing At The CrossroadsA Pile Of Rock2001
Standing At The Crossroads...Again2013
Stay With Me TonightCloser To The Flame1990
Steel ClawRiff Raff1984
StockholmCloser To The Flame1990
Stop Messin' AroundA Pile Of Rock2001
SukiyakiAlive & Pickin'2005
Sweet Georgia BrownAlive & Pickin'2005
Sweet Little LisaRepeat When Necessary1979
Sweet Little Rock & RollerA Pile Of Rock2001
Sweet Little Rock And RollerRockpile1972
Swinging '69Alive & Pickin'2005
Symphony No. 40 In G Minor, Molto AllegroOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015
Take Me For A Little WhileRepeat When Necessary1979
TelevisionTracks On Wax 41978
Test Of LoveCloser To The Flame1990
The ClawPlugged In1994
The Claw...Again2013
The Creature From The Black LagoonRepeat When Necessary1979
The Promised LandRockpile1972
The Race Is OnTwangin...1981
The Sabre Dance (Millennium Version)Hand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
The Shape I'm InInformation1983
The Sheik Of ArabyHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
The WandererI Hear You Rockin'1987
The WandererA Pile Of Rock2001
The Watch On My WristInformation1983
This Little Girl Of MineHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Thread Your NeedleTracks On Wax 41978
Three Time LoserTwangin...1981
Treasures UntoldHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Trouble BoysTracks On Wax 41978
Warmed Over KissesHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Warmed Over KissesAlive & Pickin'2005
Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over)D.E. 71982
We Were Both WrongRepeat When Necessary1979
Welsh MedleyAlive & Pickin'2005
What Did I Do Last Night?Get It1977
What Have I Got To Do (To Win)Information1983
What Looks Best On YouTracks On Wax 41978
Where Or WhenGet It1977
William Tell OvertureHand Picked - Musical Fantasies2000
Worn Out Suits, Brand New PocketsGet It1977
Wuthering HeightsOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015
You'll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those)Twangin...1981
Your Song...Again2013
Your SongOn Guitar... - Rags & Classics2015