Titelliste The Clash

Titel Album Jahr
(White Man) In Hammersmith PalaisFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
48 HoursThe Clash1977
All The Young Punks (New Boots And Contracts)Give 'Em Enough Rope1978
Are You Red..YCut The Crap1985
Armagideon TimeFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Armagideon TimeLive At Shea Stadium2008
Atom TanCombat Rock1982
Blowing In The Guns Of BrixtonSandinista!1980
Brand New CadillacLondon Calling1979
Capital RadioFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Car JammingCombat Rock1982
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash1977
Career OpportunitiesSandinista!1980
Career OpportunitiesFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Career OpportunitiesLive At Shea Stadium2008
Charlie Don't SurfSandinista!1980
CheapskatesGive 'Em Enough Rope1978
CheatThe Clash1977
City Of The DeadFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
ClampdownLondon Calling1979
ClampdownLive At Shea Stadium2008
Clash City RockersFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Complete ControlFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Cool Under HeatCut The Crap1985
Corner SoulSandinista!1980
Death Is A StarCombat Rock1982
Death Or GloryLondon Calling1979
DenyThe Clash1977
DictatorCut The Crap1985
Dirty PunkCut The Crap1985
Drug-Stabbing TimeGive 'Em Enough Rope1978
English Civil WarGive 'Em Enough Rope1978
English Civil WarLive At Shea Stadium2008
Fingerpoppin'Cut The Crap1985
Four HorsemenLondon Calling1979
GaragelandThe Clash1977
Ghetto DefendantCombat Rock1982
Guns Of BrixtonFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Guns On The RoofGive 'Em Enough Rope1978
Hate And WarThe Clash1977
HatefulLondon Calling1979
Hitsville U.K.Sandinista!1980
I Fought The LawFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
I Fought The LawLive At Shea Stadium2008
I'm Not DownLondon Calling1979
I'm So Bored With The USAThe Clash1977
If Music Could TalkSandinista!1980
Inoculated CityCombat Rock1982
Ivan Meets G.I. JoeSandinista!1980
Janie JonesThe Clash1977
Jimmy JazzLondon Calling1979
Julie's Been Working For The Drug SquadGive 'Em Enough Rope1978
Junco PartnerSandinista!1980
Junkie SlipSandinista!1980
Kingston AdviceSandinista!1980
Know Your RightsCombat Rock1982
Know Your RightsFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Koka KolaLondon Calling1979
Kosmo Vinyl IntroductionLive At Shea Stadium2008
Last Gang In TownGive 'Em Enough Rope1978
Lets Go CrazySandinista!1980
Life Is WildCut The Crap1985
Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)Sandinista!1980
Living In FameSandinista!1980
London CallingLondon Calling1979
London CallingFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
London CallingLive At Shea Stadium2008
London's BurningThe Clash1977
London's BurningFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Look HereSandinista!1980
Lose This SkinSandinista!1980
Lost In The SupermarketLondon Calling1979
Lover's RockLondon Calling1979
Mensforth HillSandinista!1980
Midnight LogSandinista!1980
Movers And ShakersCut The Crap1985
North And SouthCut The Crap1985
One More DubSandinista!1980
One More TimeSandinista!1980
Overpowered By FunkCombat Rock1982
Play To WinCut The Crap1985
Police & ThievesThe Clash1977
Police On My BackSandinista!1980
Police On My BackLive At Shea Stadium2008
Protex BlueThe Clash1977
Rebel WaltzSandinista!1980
Red Angel DragnetCombat Rock1982
Remote ControlThe Clash1977
Revolution RockLondon Calling1979
Rock The CasbahCombat Rock1982
Rock The CasbahLive At Shea Stadium2008
Rudie Can't FailLondon Calling1979
Safe European HomeGive 'Em Enough Rope1978
Sean FlynnCombat Rock1982
Shepherds DelightSandinista!1980
Should I Stay Or Should I GoCombat Rock1982
Should I Stay Or Should I GoFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Should I Stay Or Should I GoLive At Shea Stadium2008
Silicone On SapphireSandinista!1980
Somebody Got MurderedSandinista!1980
Something About EnglandSandinista!1980
Spanish BombsLondon Calling1979
Spanish BombsLive At Shea Stadium2008
Stay FreeGive 'Em Enough Rope1978
Straight To HellCombat Rock1982
Straight To HellFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
The Call UpSandinista!1980
The Card CheatLondon Calling1979
The Crooked BeatSandinista!1980
The EqualiserSandinista!1980
The Guns Of BrixtonLondon Calling1979
The Guns Of BrixtonLive At Shea Stadium2008
The LeaderSandinista!1980
The Magnificent SevenSandinista!1980
The Magnificent SevenFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
The Magnificent SevenLive At Shea Stadium2008
The Magnificent Seven (Return)Live At Shea Stadium2008
The Right ProfileLondon Calling1979
The Sound Of SinnersSandinista!1980
The Street ParadeSandinista!1980
This Is EnglandCut The Crap1985
Three Card TrickCut The Crap1985
Tommy GunGive 'Em Enough Rope1978
Tommy GunLive At Shea Stadium2008
Train In VainLondon Calling1979
Train In VainFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
Train In VainLive At Shea Stadium2008
Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)Sandinista!1980
Version CitySandinista!1980
Version PardnerSandinista!1980
Washington BulletsSandinista!1980
We Are The ClashCut The Crap1985
What's My NameFrom Here To Eternity - Live1999
What's My Name?The Clash1977
White RiotThe Clash1977
Wrong 'Em BoyoLondon Calling1979