Titelliste Camel

Titel Album Jahr
A Boy's LifeA Nod And A Wink2002
A Heart's DesireThe Single Factor1982
A Nod And A WinkA Nod And A Wink2002
After WordsStationary Traveller1984
Air BornMoonmadness1976
Another NightMoonmadness1976
Another Night (Single Version)Moonmadness1976
Arubaluba'73-'75 Gods Of Light2000
BeachedOn The Road 19811997
BeachedComing Of Age1998
Broken BanksDust And Dreams1991
Broken BanksNever Let Go1993
CamelogueThe Single Factor1982
CapturedPressure Points1984
CapturedOn The Road 19821994
CapturedOn The Road 19811997
Changing PlacesNude1981
Changing PlacesOn The Road 19811997
Chord ChangeThe Paris Collection2001
Chord, ChangeMoonmadness1976
City LifeNude1981
City LifeNever Let Go1993
City LifeOn The Road 19811997
Cloak And Dagger ManStationary Traveller1984
CobhHarbour Of Tears1996
CobhComing Of Age1998
Coming Of AgeHarbour Of Tears1996
Coming Of AgeComing Of Age1998
Cotton CampDust And Dreams1991
Cotton CampNever Let Go1993
DocksOn The Road 19811997
DocksComing Of Age1998
Down On The FarmBreathless1978
DraftedPressure Points1984
DraftedNever Let Go1993
DraftedOn The Road 19821994
DraftedOn The Road 19811997
DraftedComing Of Age1998
DunkirkThe Snow Goose1975
DunkirkA Live Record1978
DunkirkComing Of Age1998
Dust BowlDust And Dreams1991
Dust BowlNever Let Go1993
Dusted OutDust And Dreams1991
Dusted OutNever Let Go1993
EarthriseNever Let Go1993
EchoesNever Let Go1993
ElkeRain Dances1977
End Of The DayHarbour Of Tears1996
End Of The DayComing Of Age1998
End Of The LineDust And Dreams1991
End Of The LineNever Let Go1993
End PeaceThe Single Factor1982
EpitaphThe Snow Goose1975
EpitaphA Live Record1978
Excerpts From The Snow Goose'73-'75 Gods Of Light2000
Eye Of The StormI Can See Your House From Here1979
Eyes Of IrelandHarbour Of Tears1996
Eyes Of IrelandComing Of Age1998
FingertipsStationary Traveller1984
FingertipsPressure Points1984
FingertipsThe Paris Collection2001
First LightRain Dances1977
Flight Of The Snow GooseThe Snow Goose1975
Flight Of The Snow GooseA Live Record1978
Flight Of The Snow Goose (Alternate Single Edit)The Snow Goose1975
Flight Of The Snow Goose (Single Edit)The Snow Goose1975
For TodayA Nod And A Wink2002
Fox HillA Nod And A Wink2002
FriendshipThe Snow Goose1975
FriendshipA Live Record1978
FrithaThe Snow Goose1975
FrithaA Live Record1978
Fritha AloneThe Snow Goose1975
Fritha AloneA Live Record1978
GenerationsHarbour Of Tears1996
Go WestDust And Dreams1991
Go WestNever Let Go1993
God Of Light RevisitedOn The Road 19721992
Gods Of Light Revisited'73-'75 Gods Of Light2000
Harbour Of TearsHarbour Of Tears1996
Harbour Of TearsComing Of Age1998
Heart's Desire/End PeaceOn The Road 19821994
HeroesThe Single Factor1982
HeroesOn The Road 19821994
Highways Of The SunRain Dances1977
Highways Of The SunOn The Road 19821994
Highways Of The Sun (Single Version)Rain Dances1977
Homage To The God Of Light (live)Camel1973
Hopeless AngerDust And Dreams1991
Hopeless AngerNever Let Go1993
Hopeless AngerThe Paris Collection2001
Hymn To HerI Can See Your House From Here1979
Hymn To HerOn The Road 19821994
Hymn To HerComing Of Age1998
IceI Can See Your House From Here1979
IceNever Let Go1993
IceComing Of Age1998
IceThe Paris Collection2001
Irish AirHarbour Of Tears1996
Irish AirComing Of Age1998
Irish Air (Instrumental Reprise)Harbour Of Tears1996
Irish Air (Reprise)Coming Of Age1998
La Princesse PerdueThe Snow Goose1975
La Princesse PerdueA Live Record1978
Lady FantasyOn The Road 19721992
Lady FantasyNever Let Go1993
Lady Fantasy'73-'75 Gods Of Light2000
Lady FantasyThe Paris Collection2001
Lady Fantasy Suite: Encounter/Smiles for You/Lady FantasyMirage1974
Lady Fantasy: Encounter/Smiles For You/Lady FantasyA Live Record1978
LandscapesOn The Road 19811997
LiesPressure Points1984
LiesOn The Road 19821994
Ligging At LouisA Live Record1978
Little Rivers And Little RoseDust And Dreams1991
Little Rivers And Little RoseNever Let Go1993
Little Rivers And Little RoseThe Paris Collection2001
Long GoodbyesStationary Traveller1984
Lost And FoundRajaz1999
LullabyeThe Single Factor1982
Lunar SeaMoonmadness1976
Lunar SeaA Live Record1978
Lunar SeaOn The Road 19811997
Lunar SeaComing Of Age1998
Lunar Sea (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)Moonmadness1976
ManicThe Single Factor1982
ManicOn The Road 19821994
MetrognomeRain Dances1977
MigrationThe Snow Goose1975
MigrationA Live Record1978
Milk 'N HoneyComing Of Age1998
Milk N' HoneyDust And Dreams1991
Milk N' HoneyNever Let Go1993
MissingStationary Traveller1984
Mother RoadDust And Dreams1991
Mother RoadNever Let Go1993
Mother RoadComing Of Age1998
Mother RoadThe Paris Collection2001
Mystic QueenCamel1973
NeedlesDust And Dreams1991
NeedlesNever Let Go1993
NeedlesComing Of Age1998
Neon MagicI Can See Your House From Here1979
Neon MagicOn The Road 19821994
Never Let GoCamel1973
Never Let GoA Live Record1978
Never Let GoNever Let Go1993
Never Let GoOn The Road 19821994
Never Let GoOn The Road 19811997
Never Let Go (Single Edit)Camel1973
Nimrodel/The Procession/The White RiderMirage1974
No Easy AnswerThe Single Factor1982
NudeOn The Road 19811997
One Of These Days I'll Get An Early NightRain Dances1977
Please Come HomeNude1981
Pomp & CircumstanceNude1981
PreparationThe Snow Goose1975
PreparationA Live Record1978
PreparationComing Of Age1998
Preparation/Dunkirk (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)Moonmadness1976
Pressure PointsStationary Traveller1984
Pressure PointsPressure Points1984
Rain DancesRain Dances1977
Rainbow's EndBreathless1978
ReflectionsOn The Road 19811997
RefugeeStationary Traveller1984
Remote RomanceI Can See Your House From Here1979
RhayaderThe Snow Goose1975
RhayaderA Live Record1978
RhayaderPressure Points1984
RhayaderNever Let Go1993
RhayaderComing Of Age1998
Rhayader (Single Edit)The Snow Goose1975
Rhayader AloneThe Snow Goose1975
Rhayader AloneA Live Record1978
Rhayader Goes To TownThe Snow Goose1975
Rhayader Goes To TownA Live Record1978
Rhayader Goes To TownPressure Points1984
Rhayader Goes To TownNever Let Go1993
Rhayader Goes To TownComing Of Age1998
Rhayader Goes To Town (Live At The Marquee Club)The Snow Goose1975
Rose Of SharonDust And Dreams1991
Rose Of SharonNever Let Go1993
Rose Of SharonComing Of Age1998
Running From ParadiseHarbour Of Tears1996
Running From ParadiseComing Of Age1998
SaharaThe Paris Collection2001
SanctuaryThe Snow Goose1975
SanctuaryA Live Record1978
SasquatchThe Single Factor1982
SasquatchPressure Points1984
SasquatchNever Let Go1993
SasquatchOn The Road 19821994
SasquatchComing Of Age1998
SelvaThe Single Factor1982
Send Home The SlatesHarbour Of Tears1996
Send Home The SlatesComing Of Age1998
Sheet RainDust And Dreams1991
Sheet RainNever Let Go1993
Simple PleasuresA Nod And A Wink2002
Six AteCamel1973
Six AteOn The Road 19721992
SkylinesRain Dances1977
SkylinesA Live Record1978
Slow Yourself DownCamel1973
Slow Yourself DownThe Paris Collection2001
Slow Yourself Down (Late Night Version)The Paris Collection2001
Song Within A SongMoonmadness1976
Song Within A SongA Live Record1978
Song Within A SongOn The Road 19811997
Song Within A Song (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)Moonmadness1976
Spirit Of The WaterMoonmadness1976
Spirit Of The WaterNever Let Go1993
Spirit Of The WaterComing Of Age1998
Spirit Of The Water (Demo)Moonmadness1976
Squigley FairA Nod And A Wink2002
Starlight RideBreathless1978
Stationary TravellerStationary Traveller1984
Storm CloudsDust And Dreams1991
Storm CloudsNever Let Go1993
Straight To My HeartRajaz1999
Summer LightningBreathless1978
SurvivalI Can See Your House From Here1979
Tell MeRain Dances1977
The Final EncoreRajaz1999
The Great MarshThe Snow Goose1975
The Great MarshThe Snow Goose1975
The Great MarshA Live Record1978
The Great MarshA Live Record1978
The HomecomingNude1981
The Hour CandleComing Of Age1998
The Hour Candle (A Song For My Father)Harbour Of Tears1996
The Last FarewellOn The Road 19811997
The Last Farewell: The Birthday Cake/Nude's ReturnNude1981
The Miller's TaleA Nod And A Wink2002
The SleeperBreathless1978
The Snow GooseThe Snow Goose1975
The Snow GooseA Live Record1978
The Snow Goose/Freefall (Live At The Marquee Club)The Snow Goose1975
Three WishesRajaz1999
Today's GoodbyeThe Single Factor1982
Under The MoonHarbour Of Tears1996
Under The MoonComing Of Age1998
UnevensongRain Dances1977
UnevensongNever Let Go1993
VoposStationary Traveller1984
WaitI Can See Your House From Here1979
WaitPressure Points1984
WaitOn The Road 19821994
Watching The BobbinsHarbour Of Tears1996
Watching The BobbinsComing Of Age1998
West BerlinStationary Traveller1984
West BerlinPressure Points1984
WhispersDust And Dreams1991
WhispersNever Let Go1993
Whispers In The RainDust And Dreams1991
Whispers In The RainNever Let Go1993
White RiderOn The Road 19721992
White Rider'73-'75 Gods Of Light2000
Who We AreI Can See Your House From Here1979
Who We AreOn The Road 19821994
Wing And A PrayerBreathless1978
You Are The OneThe Single Factor1982
You Are the OneOn The Road 19821994
You Make Me SmileBreathless1978
Your Love Is Stranger Than MineI Can See Your House From Here1979