Titelliste Black

Titel Album Jahr
After LifeSmoke Up Close2002
AliveAbbey Road Live1999
AliveWater On Snow2000
AliveLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
All We Need Is The MoneyComedy1988
Are You Having A Wonderful Life?Between Two Churches2005
Ashes Of AngelsBlind Faith2015
Ashes Of AngelsLive 20152015
Ave LolitaAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
Ave LolitaAbbey Road Live1999
BeautifulBlind Faith2015
Beneath The RadarThe Given2009
Better Letting GoThe Accused1999
Better Letting GoAbbey Road Live1999
Better Letting GoLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
Black Eyed SusanWater On Snow2000
Blonde TroubleSmoke Up Close2002
BlondesThe Given2009
BlueWonderful Life1987
Blue SkyThe Accused1999
Breathing UnderwaterThe Given2009
CaliforniaWater On Stone2009
CaliforniaLive 20152015
Change Your MindAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
Chapter And VerseThe Given2009
CharlemagneBetween Two Churches2005
CharlemagneLive 20152015
Child's PlaySmoke Up Close2002
Cold Chicken SkinBetween Two Churches2005
Cold Chicken SkinLive 20152015
Come Out Of The RainBetween Two Churches2005
Come To MeSmoke Up Close2002
CoolWater On Snow2000
CoolLive 20152015
Different LiesSmoke Up Close2002
Don't Call Me HoneyBlind Faith2015
Don't Take The Silence Too HardAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
Don’t Take The Silence Too HardLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
Dying For The QuarterSmoke Up Close2002
Everything Is Coming Up RosesLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
Everything's Coming Up RosesWonderful Life1987
FamousWater On Snow2000
Feel Like ChangeBlack1991
Feel Like ChangeLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
FinderWonderful Life1987
Fly Up To The MoonBlack1991
Fly Up To The MoonAbbey Road Live1999
Fly Up To The MoonLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
GhostsThe Accused1999
Go HomeWater On Snow2000
Good LiarBlind Faith2015
Graves Of RockersSmoke Up Close2002
Grievous AngelWater On Stone2009
Hardly Star-Crossed LoversWonderful Life1987
Having A Good TimeSmoke Up Close2002
Her Coat And No KnickersBetween Two Churches2005
Her Coat And No KnickersLive 20152015
Here It Comes AgainBlack1991
Hey, I Was Right You Were Wrong!Comedy1988
History Of Rock 'N' Roll Part 1Between Two Churches2005
History Of Rock And RollSmoke Up Close2002
I Can Laugh About It NowComedy1988
I Can Laugh About It NowLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
I Hate You (Don't Leave)Water On Stone2009
I Just Grew TiredWonderful Life1987
I'll Give You Something To Cry AboutAbbey Road Live1999
I'm Not AfraidWonderful Life1987
If Not You Then Who?Smoke Up Close2002
If You're All Done DyingBetween Two Churches2005
In A HeartbeatBetween Two Churches2005
It Doesn't Matter NowSmoke Up Close2002
It's Not Over YetComedy1988
It's Not You Lady JaneWonderful Life1987
John Lee ScaredThe Given2009
JoniSmoke Up Close2002
Just Making MemoriesWonderful Life1987
Last Day Of A Long WinterWater On Snow2000
Learning How To HateBlack1991
Leave Yourself AloneWonderful Life1987
Leaving SongAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
Leaving SongLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
Let Me Watch You Make LoveComedy1988
Let Me Watch You Make LoveAbbey Road Live1999
Let The Wind BlowWater On Snow2000
Let's Talk About MeBlack1991
Misbegotten ChildThe Given2009
MurphySmoke Up Close2002
NakedThe Given2009
Needle TimeSmoke Up Close2002
No Second ChancesThe Given2009
No-One, None, NothingComedy1988
Not The ManBlind Faith2015
Now You're GoneComedy1988
Number OneThe Accused1999
Paper CrownAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
ParadeBlind Faith2015
ParadiseWonderful Life1987
Paradise LostComedy1988
Quinn's Old FlameSmoke Up Close2002
Quinn's Old FlameLive 20152015
Radio SilenceSmoke Up Close2002
Ravel In The RainWonderful Life1987
River Ride WomenSmoke Up Close2002
Same Mistake TwiceBetween Two Churches2005
Seeds And StalksSmoke Up Close2002
She Loves My LifeSmoke Up Close2002
She's My Best FriendBlack1991
Signal Black SpotBetween Two Churches2005
SixteensWonderful Life1987
Sleep TogetherBlind Faith2015
SleeperThe Accused1999
Sometimes For The AskingWonderful Life1987
St. CeciliaThe Accused1999
Stone SoupBlind Faith2015
Stone SoupLive 20152015
Storm Cloud KatherineThe Accused1999
Stormy WatersSmoke Up Close2002
Stormy WatersWater On Stone2009
Summer RainSmoke Up Close2002
SunflowerBlind Faith2015
SunflowerLive 20152015
SurrenderThe Accused1999
Sweet Breath Of Your RaptureBlack1991
Sweetest SmileWonderful Life1987
Sweetest SmileAbbey Road Live1999
Sweetest SmileLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
SwingtimeAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
Teenage WallBetween Two Churches2005
That Was YesterdaySmoke Up Close2002
That's Just Like LoveAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
The Big OneComedy1988
The BrideSmoke Up Close2002
The Hurting KindSmoke Up Close2002
The Love ParadeLive 20152015
The Love ShowBlind Faith2015
The SunshineSmoke Up Close2002
The Way She Was BeforeThe Accused1999
The Way She Was BeforeAbbey Road Live1999
The WishingSmoke Up Close2002
This Is LifeBlack1991
ThumbnailSmoke Up Close2002
To Take A PieceAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
Tomorrow Is Another NightWater On Stone2009
Tonight We Cross The RiverWater On Stone2009
Too Many TimesBlack1991
Too Many TimesLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
Trouble Forgot YouSmoke Up Close2002
Two ChurchesBetween Two Churches2005
Waitin'Smoke Up Close2002
Walk On Frozen WaterWater On Stone2009
Water On SnowWater On Snow2000
Water On SnowLive 20152015
What Makes A FoolWater On Stone2009
Whatever People Say You AreComedy1988
When I Was HimSmoke Up Close2002
When It's OverBlind Faith2015
Who You AreBlind Faith2015
Who You AreLive 20152015
Wish The World AwakeAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
Wishing You Were HereAre We Having Fun Yet?1993
Womanly PantherBlind Faith2015
Wonderful LifeWonderful Life1987
Wonderful LifeAbbey Road Live1999
Wonderful LifeLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
You Don't Always Do What's Best For YouComedy1988
You Lift Me UpWater On Snow2000
You're A Big Girl NowComedy1988
You’re A Big Girl NowLive At The Bassline Johannesburg2001
Yves Klein BlueThe Accused1999