Titelliste Birth Control

Titel Album Jahr
12 StepsHere And Now2016
A Night Of ItAlsatian2003
AbsolutionDeal Done At Night1981
After 360 Degrees Of The CircleGetting There1998
All That I WantGetting There1998
All That I WantLive In Lachendorf2000
AlsatianLive In Fulda2004
AlsatianWe Are Family - Live At 40th Anniversary Tour 20082009
Another DeathDeal Done At Night1981
Another DeathQueen On Fire - Live Abortion2000
Automatic WorldTwo Worlds1995
Automatic WorldJungle Life1996
Back From HellRebirth1973
Back From HellLive1974
Back From HellTwo Worlds1995
Back From Hell35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
Back From HellWe Are Family - Live At 40th Anniversary Tour 20082009
Behind Grey WallsBackdoor Possibilities1976
Burnt GasDeal Done At Night1981
Burnt GasTwo Worlds1995
Buy !Hoodoo Man1972
Call MeJungle Life1996
Call MeLive In Lachendorf2000
Call MeLive In Fulda2004
CaterpillarCount On Dracula!1980
Cha Cha D'AmourBackdoor Possibilities1976
Chance To LearnJungle Life1996
Change Of MindBirth Control1970
Childhood Flash-BackBackdoor Possibilities1976
Count On DraculaCount On Dracula!1980
Dark Blue Star (Instrumental)We Are Family - Live At 40th Anniversary Tour 20082009
Deal Done At NightDeal Done At Night1981
Deep InsideBirth Control1970
Desert StormJungle Life1996
Domino's HammockIncrease1977
Don't Call Me UpDeal Done At Night1981
Don't Call Me UpQueen On Fire - Live Abortion2000
Don't Turn BackTitanic1978
Doom BoomBäng!1982
Drum Solo35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
Fight For YouIncrease1977
Fight For YouLive 791979
Film Of LifeBackdoor Possibilities1976
Flesh And BloodOperation1971
Foolish ActionBirth Control1970
Futile PrayerBackdoor Possibilities1976
Gamma RayHoodoo Man1972
Gamma RayLive1974
Gamma RayCondomium1994
Gamma RayQueen On Fire - Live Abortion2000
Gamma RayLive In Lachendorf2000
Gamma RayLive In Fulda2004
Gamma Ray35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
Gamma RayWe Are Family - Live At 40th Anniversary Tour 20082009
Gamma Ray '95Two Worlds1995
Gamma Ray 2.0Open Up2022
Garden Of GoldGetting There1998
Get Down To Your FateHoodoo Man1972
Get Ready To RunBäng!1982
Get Ready To RunCondomium1994
Get Ready To RunQueen On Fire - Live Abortion2000
Get Up!Increase1977
Get You DownAlsatian2003
Getting ThereGetting There1998
Greedy EyesBäng!1982
Greedy EyesCondomium1994
Greedy EyesQueen On Fire - Live Abortion2000
Hard TimesGetting There1998
He's In The RightDeal Done At Night1981
Hoodoo ManHoodoo Man1972
Hoodoo-ManTwo Worlds1995
Hope35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
HopeWe Are Family - Live At 40th Anniversary Tour 20082009
How Can I Live?Titanic1978
I Don't MindOpen Up2022
I Send My Mind On VacationJungle Life1996
I Would Not Want To Be YouHere And Now2016
In The CityAlsatian2003
In The CityLive In Fulda2004
Julie's DreamAlsatian2003
Jump (For Your Live)Alsatian2003
Jungle CityJungle Life1996
Jungle CityLive In Lachendorf2000
Just Before The Sun Will RiseOperation1971
Just Before The Sun Will Rise35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
KaulstoßHoodoo Man1972
Le Moineau De ParisBackdoor Possibilities1976
Legal LabyrinthBackdoor Possibilities1976
Let Us Do It NowOperation1971
Light My FireBirth Control1970
Like Nothing Ever ChangedAlsatian2003
Like Nothing Ever ChangedLive In Fulda2004
Like Nothing Ever Changed35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
LimelightCount On Dracula!1980
Live In The Here And NowHere And Now2016
Long Tall SallyLive1974
Lost In The SeaHere And Now2016
Love LightTitanic1978
Love StrikeGetting There1998
Love StrikeLive In Lachendorf2000
Me And My CarHere And Now2016
Meta VentilatorQueen On Fire - Live Abortion2000
Miss DavinaTitanic1978
Mister HeroRebirth1973
My Mind ("The Sad Man With The Third Ear")Plastic People1975
No DrugsBirth Control1970
No Shade Is RealRebirth1973
No Shade Is RealCondomium1994
No Time To DieBackdoor Possibilities1976
Nuclear ReactorBäng!1982
Open SesameOpen Up2022
Physical And Mental Short CircuitBackdoor Possibilities1976
Pick On MeCount On Dracula!1980
Pick On MeQueen On Fire - Live Abortion2000
Plans Get LostOpen Up2022
Plastic People ("You Meet Them Everywhere")Plastic People1975
Preacher ManTwo Worlds1995
PreachermanJungle Life1996
PrologueBackdoor Possibilities1976
Rat In My FlatHere And Now2016
RecollectionBirth Control1970
Right Place Wrong TimeHere And Now2016
Rock The RoadAlsatian2003
Rock The RoadLive In Fulda2004
Rock The Road35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
Rockin' Rollin' Roller ("Tell Me Whatever You Want")Plastic People1975
Run Away With MeHere And Now2016
Sad FanCount On Dracula!1980
Saturday SpecialTitanic1978
Saturday SpecialLive 791979
Seems Like It's ConfusionTitanic1978
Seems Like It's ConfusionLive 791979
Seems My Bike's Riding MeIncrease1977
She's Got Nothing On YouRebirth1973
She's Got Nothing On YouLive1974
She's Got Nothing On YouCondomium1994
She's Got Nothing On You35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
She's Got Nothing On YouWe Are Family - Live At 40th Anniversary Tour 20082009
Simpler As It SeemsGetting There1998
Skate-Board SueIncrease1977
Stop Little LadyOperation1971
Stop Little LadyCondomium1994
Subterranean EscapeBackdoor Possibilities1976
SuicideHoodoo Man1972
SundownBirth Control1970
Take AlarmBäng!1982
Talk To YouDeal Done At Night1981
That Was YesterdayCondomium1994
The Day Of Doom Is ComingBäng!1982
The Farrockaway RopedancerBackdoor Possibilities1976
The King Of An IslandBäng!1982
The King Of An IslandQueen On Fire - Live Abortion2000
The Last SurvivorTitanic1978
The Last WordOpen Up2022
The Rescue (Sometimes In The Future)Count On Dracula!1980
The Reverend's Holy SermonAlsatian2003
The RoseGetting There1998
The SperminatorLive In Lachendorf2000
The Sperminator Strikes BackTwo Worlds1995
The Sperminator's Lost BattleTwo Worlds1995
The WitchHere And Now2016
The Work Is DoneOperation1971
The Work Is DoneLive1974
The Work Is DoneLive 791979
The Work Is DoneCondomium1994
The Work Is DoneTwo Worlds1995
The Work Is DoneLive In Lachendorf2000
The Work Is DoneLive In Fulda2004
The Work Is Done35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
The Work Is DoneWe Are Family - Live At 40th Anniversary Tour 20082009
These Are The DaysOpen Up2022
This Song Is Just For You ("An For A Brown Eyed Sweet Danseuse")Plastic People1975
Tiny Flashlights ("Beloved Coffein")Plastic People1975
TitanicLive 791979
Together Alone TonightRebirth1973
Trial TripCondomium1994
Trial TripLive In Lachendorf2000
Trial TripLive In Fulda2004
Trial Trip35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
Trial TripWe Are Family - Live At 40th Anniversary Tour 20082009
Trial Trip ("The Ferry To The Isle")Plastic People1975
Truth Is MineHere And Now2016
Two WorldsTwo Worlds1995
Until The NIghtIncrease1977
Valley Of Darkness, Pt. 1Jungle Life1996
Valley Of Darkness, Pt. 2Jungle Life1996
WannabeOpen Up2022
Wasting My TimeHere And Now2016
We All Thought We Knew YouIncrease1977
What's Your Name35th Anniversary - Live At Rockpalast2005
When The Night FallsGetting There1998
Will Someone Know My NameGetting There1998
WitchhuntersCount On Dracula!1980
Wrestling MamaOpen Up2022