Titelliste Atomic Rooster

Titel Album Jahr
7 StreetsDeath Walks Behind You1970
A Matter Of TimeHomework2008
A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go DownBBC Radio 1 Live In Concert1993
A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go DownDevil's Answer1998
A Spoonfull Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go DownIn Hearing Of1971
All Across The CountryNice 'n' Greasy1973
All In Satan's NameMade In England1972
All In Satan's NameBBC Radio 1 Live In Concert1993
All In Satan's NameDevil's Answer1998
And So To BedAtomic Roooster1970
BansteadAtomic Roooster1970
Before TomorrowAtomic Roooster1970
Black SnakeIn Hearing Of1971
Break The IceIn Hearing Of1971
BreakthroughIn Hearing Of1971
BreakthroughBBC Radio 1 Live In Concert1993
BreakthroughDevil's Answer1998
BreathlessMade In England1972
Broken WingsAtomic Roooster1970
Can't Find A ReasonNice 'n' Greasy1973
CarnivalHeadline News1983
CarnivalLive In Germany '832000
City BoyHomework2008
Close Your EyesMade In England1972
Close Your EyesDevil's Answer1998
Cut The WireHomework2008
Dance Of DeathHeadline News1983
Death Walks Behind YouDeath Walks Behind You1970
Death Walks Behind YouDevil's Answer1998
Death Walks Behind YouLive At The Marquee 19802002
Decision / IndecisionIn Hearing Of1971
Decline & FallAtomic Roooster1970
Devil's AnswerBBC Radio 1 Live In Concert1993
Devil's AnswerDevil's Answer1998
Devil's AnswerLive At The Marquee 19802002
Devils AnswerLive In Germany '832000
Devils Answer (live)Homework2008
Different WordsHomework2008
Do You Know Who's Looking For You?Atomic Rooster1980
Do You Know Who's Looking For You?Live At The Marquee 19802002
Don't Know What Went WrongMade In England1972
Don't Lose Your MindAtomic Rooster1980
Ear In The SnowNice 'n' Greasy1973
End Of The DayHomework2008
Friday The 13thDevil's Answer1998
Friday The 13thLive And Raw 70/712000
Friday The ThirteenthAtomic Roooster1970
GerhatserLive And Raw 70/712000
GershatserLive At The Marquee 19802002
GershatzerDeath Walks Behind You1970
GershatzerLive In Germany '832000
Goodbye Planet EarthNice 'n' Greasy1973
He Did It AgainAtomic Rooster1980
Head In The SkyIn Hearing Of1971
Headline NewsHeadline News1983
Hold Your FireHeadline News1983
Hold Your FireLive In Germany '832000
Hold Your Fire (Encore)Live In Germany '832000
I Can't Stand ItAtomic Rooster1980
I Can't Take No MoreDeath Walks Behind You1970
I Can't Take No MoreLive And Raw 70/712000
I Can't Take No MoreLive At The Marquee 19802002
In The ShadowsAtomic Rooster1980
In The ShadowsDevil's Answer1998
In The ShadowsLive At The Marquee 19802002
IntroductionMade In England1972
It Can Wait Another DayHomework2008
Land Of FreedomHeadline News1983
Leopard's SkinHomework2008
Little Bit Of Inner AirMade In England1972
Lost In SpaceAtomic Rooster1980
MachineHeadline News1983
Make Me StrongHomework2008
Metal MindsHeadline News1983
Metal MindsLive In Germany '832000
Mind Over MatterHomework2008
Never To LoseMade In England1972
Night LivingHomework2008
Nobody ElseDeath Walks Behind You1970
Open Up The SkyHomework2008
People You Can't TrustMade In England1972
People You Can't TrustBBC Radio 1 Live In Concert1993
People You Can't TrustDevil's Answer1998
Play It AgainDevil's Answer1998
Play It AgainHomework2008
Rebel With A CauseHomework2008
S.L.Y.Atomic Roooster1970
Satan's WheelNice 'n' Greasy1973
Save MeNice 'n' Greasy1973
Save MeDevil's Answer1998
Seven Lonely StreetsDevil's Answer1998
Seven StreetsLive At The Marquee 19802002
ShabalooLive And Raw 70/712000
ShaboolooDevil's Answer1998
She's My WomanAtomic Rooster1980
Sleeping For YearsDeath Walks Behind You1970
Sleeping For YearsLive And Raw 70/712000
Somebody's Looking After YouHomework2008
Space CowboyMade In England1972
Stand By MeMade In England1972
Stand By MeBBC Radio 1 Live In Concert1993
Stand By MeDevil's Answer1998
Take One TakeNice 'n' Greasy1973
Taking A ChanceHeadline News1983
The Band Played OnHomework2008
The Buck Stops HereHomework2008
The Devil In MeHomework2008
The Dukes ThemeHomework2008
The PriceIn Hearing Of1971
The RockIn Hearing Of1971
They Took Control Of YouAtomic Rooster1980
They Took Control Of YouLive At The Marquee 19802002
TimeHeadline News1983
Time Take My LifeMade In England1972
Tomorrow NightDeath Walks Behind You1970
Tomorrow NightDevil's Answer1998
Tomorrow NightLive And Raw 70/712000
Tomorrow NightLive In Germany '832000
Tomorrow NightLive At The Marquee 19802002
Tomorrow Night (live)Homework2008
Took ControlLive In Germany '832000
V.U.G.Live And Raw 70/712000
Voodoo In YouNice 'n' Greasy1973
VugDeath Walks Behind You1970
Watch OutLive In Germany '832000
Watch Out!Atomic Rooster1980
Watch Out!Live At The Marquee 19802002
Where's The Show?Atomic Rooster1980
WinterAtomic Roooster1970
WinterLive And Raw 70/712000