Titelliste Bad Boys Blue

Titel Album Jahr
30th Anniversary Megamix302015
A Bridge Of HeartachesAround The World2003
A Kiss In The Night...Continued1999
A Train To NowhereThe Fifth1989
A Train To Nowhere (Completely Remixed)302015
A Train To Nowhere (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
A Train To Nowhere (Train Mix)The Fifth1989
A Train To Nowhere 2010 (Andy Matern Edit)252010
A World Without You (Michelle) '98Back1998
A World Without You (Michelle) (Classical Mix)My Blue World1988
A World Without You (Michelle) (Radio Edit)My Blue World1988
A World Without You (Michelle) (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
A World Without You (Michelle) (Reloaded)302015
A World Without You (Michelle) 2010 (Hideout Mix)252010
Aguarda Tu Amor (Save Your Love)Kiss1993
All About YouBack1998
Anyway ForeverBang! Bang! Bang!1996
AnywhereBang! Bang! Bang!1996
Aquarda Tu Amor (Spanish Extended Remix ’99 Of Save Your Love)302015
Around The WorldAround The World2003
Around The World (Remix)Around The World2003
B By Your SideBack1998
BabeAround The World2003
Baby BlueHouse Of Silence1991
Baby BlueFollow The Light1999
Baby Blue (New Hit Version)302015
Baby Blue (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Baby Come HomeAround The World2003
Baby Don't Miss Me...Continued1999
Baby I Love YouHeartbeat1986
Back To The FutureFollow The Light1999
Back To The FutureFollow The Light1999
Back To The Future (Level 2 Remix)302015
Bad ReputationMy Blue World1988
Bang! Bang! Bang!Bang! Bang! Bang!1996
Blue MoonHeartbeat1986
Can't Live Without You...Continued1999
Chains Of LoveGame Of Love1990
CharleneLove Is No Crime1987
Close Your EyesTonite2000
Cold As IceAround The World2003
Come Back And Stay '98Back1998
Come Back And Stay (Maxi)Love Is No Crime1987
Come Back And Stay (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Come Back And Stay (Reloaded)302015
Come Back And Stay 2010 (MS Project RMX Edit)252010
Dance The Night AwayHeartbeat1986
Dancing With The Bad BoysHouse Of Silence1991
Deep In My EmotionHouse Of Silence1991
Do What You DoTonite2000
Do What You Do (Rap Edit)Tonite2000
Don't Be So ShyBang! Bang! Bang!1996
Don't Break The HeartBack1998
Don't Leave Me NowMy Blue World1988
Don't Leave Me Now (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Don't Walk Away SuzanneMy Blue World1988
Don't Walk Away, Suzanne (Et Cetera Remix)...Continued1999
Don't Walk Away, Suzanne (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Family BeatBang! Bang! Bang!1996
Fly AwayThe Fifth1989
Fly AwayBang! Bang! Bang!1996
Fly AwayRarities Remixed2009
Follow The LightFollow The Light1999
Follow The LightRarities Remixed2009
For Your LoveHot Girls, Bad Boys1985
From Heart To HeartBack1998
From Heart To Heart (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
From Heaven To HeartachesBack1998
Gimme Back My LoveHouse Of Silence1991
Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady)Love Is No Crime1987
Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady) (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady) 2010 (Alex Twister Edit)252010
Go Go (Love Overload)To Blue Horizons1994
Grand IllusionTo Blue Horizons1994
Have You Ever Had A Love Like ThisTotally1992
Have You Ever Had A Love Like ThisFollow The Light1999
Have You Ever Had A Love Like This (A Mix Like This)302015
Heart Of MidnightKiss1993
Heart Of Midnight (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Heaven Must Be Missing YouTonite2000
Heaven Or HellAround The World2003
Hold Me In The NightHeart & Soul2008
Hold Me NowBang! Bang! Bang!1996
Hold You In My ArmsBang! Bang! Bang!1996
Hold You In My Arms (Extended Version)Bang! Bang! Bang!1996
Hold You In My Arms (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Hot Girls - Bad BoysHot Girls, Bad Boys1985
Hot Girls - Bad Boys (Reloaded)302015
House Of SilenceHouse Of Silence1991
House Of SilenceRarities Remixed2009
House Of Silence '99...Continued1999
House Of Silence (Haunted House Mix)House Of Silence1991
House Of Silence (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
How I Need YouGame Of Love1990
How I Need YouRarities Remixed2009
How I Need You '99...Continued1999
How I Need You (Reloaded)302015
Hungry For LoveFollow The Light1999
Hungry For Love (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
I Am Your BelieverGame Of Love1990
I BelieveBack1998
I Can't LiveFollow The Light1999
I Do It All For You, BabyKiss1993
I Don't Know Her NameGame Of Love1990
I Don't Know Her Name (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
I Don't Wanna KnowHeart & Soul2008
I Don't Wanna Lose YouGame Of Love1990
I LiveHot Girls, Bad Boys1985
I LiveKiss1993
I Need A WomanGame Of Love1990
I Remember MaryLove Is No Crime1987
I Totally Miss YouTotally1992
I Totally Miss You '99...Continued1999
I Totally Miss You (Re-Mix)Totally1992
I Totally Miss You (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
I Totally Miss You (U.S. Remix)Kiss1993
I Wanna FlyTonite2000
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat '98Back1998
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl)Heartbeat1986
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Electro Mix '98)302015
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (Reloaded)302015
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (The Original 1st Recording Session)302015
I'll Be AroundFollow The Light1999
I'll Be GoodTonite2000
I'm Living For Your LoveAround The World2003
I'm Never Gonna Fall In Love AgainTotally1992
I'm Not A FoolThe Fifth1989
I'm Not A Fool (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
I'm Still In LoveKiss1993
I'm Your Believer '99...Continued1999
I'm Your LoverAround The World2003
If You Call On MeLove Is No Crime1987
In His Heart, In His SoulHeart & Soul2008
In His Heart, In His Soul (Extended Mix)Heart & Soul2008
Inside Of MeLove Is No Crime1987
Is It You?To Blue Horizons1994
It Was Only LoveTo Blue Horizons1994
Jenny, Come HomeGame Of Love1990
Jingle (Promotional Advertisement With Trevor, Andrew & John)302015
Join The Bad Boys BlueAround The World2003
Jungle In My HeartGame Of Love1990
Jungle In My HeartRarities Remixed2009
Jungle In My Heart '99...Continued1999
Jungle In My Heart (Original Instrumental Version)302015
Jungle In My Heart (Reloaded)302015
Keep It In Your SoulBang! Bang! Bang!1996
Kiss You All Over BabyHot Girls, Bad Boys1985
Kiss You All Over, BabyKiss1993
Kiss You All Over, Baby '99...Continued1999
Kiss You All Over, Baby (New Version)Love Is No Crime1987
Kiss You All Over, Baby (Reloaded)302015
Kisses And Tears (My One And Only)Heartbeat1986
Kisses And Tears (My One And Only)Kiss1993
Kisses And Tears (My One And Only) (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Kisses And Tears (My One And Only) (Reloaded)302015
L.O.V.E. In My CarHot Girls, Bad Boys1985
L.O.V.E. In My Car '98Back1998
Lady BlueHeartbeat1986
Lady In BlackThe Fifth1989
Lady In Black '98Back1998
Lady In Black (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Lady In Black (Reloaded)302015
Lady Of Hearts...Continued1999
Listen To Your HeartFollow The Light1999
Little GirlBang! Bang! Bang!1996
Little Girl (Extended Version)Bang! Bang! Bang!1996
Lonely WeekendMy Blue World1988
Lonely Weekend (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Love Don't Come EasyMy Blue World1988
Love Is No CrimeLove Is No Crime1987
Love Is No CrimeFollow The Light1999
Love Me Or Leave MeThe Fifth1989
Love Me Or Leave MeRarities Remixed2009
Love Really Hurts Without YouHeartbeat1986
Love Really Hurts Without YouTonite2000
Love's Not Always Like ParadiseTo Blue Horizons1994
Lover On The Line (Extended Version)Around The World2003
Lover On The Line (Radio Edit)Around The World2003
Lovers In The SandMy Blue World1988
Lovers In The Sand '98Back1998
Lovers In The Sand (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Luv 4 U (Radio Mix)To Blue Horizons1994
Make My Dreams Come TrueHeart & Soul2008
MatadorHeart & Soul2008
Megamix Vol.1Back1998
Mon AmieHeartbeat1986
Mon Amie (New Hit Version)302015
Never Never...Continued1999
Never Never (Bonus Track)302015
No RegretsThe Fifth1989
One More KissTo Blue Horizons1994
One Night In HeavenHeartbeat1986
Only One Breath AwayAround The World2003
Out Of The BlueBack1998
Out Of The Blue (Bonus Track)302015
People Of The NightHot Girls, Bad Boys1985
Pictures Of YouHeart & Soul2008
Pretty Young GirlHot Girls, Bad Boys1985
Pretty Young Girl '98Back1998
Pretty Young Girl (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Pretty Young Girl (Reloaded)302015
Pretty Young Girl 2010 (Alex Twister Edit)252010
Prove Your LoveTo Blue Horizons1994
Queen Of HeartsGame Of Love1990
Queen Of Hearts '99...Continued1999
Queen Of Hearts (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Queen Of Hearts (Reloaded)302015
Queen Of Hearts (Remix)Game Of Love1990
Queen Of My DreamsHeart & Soul2008
Queen Of My Dreams (Extended Mix)Heart & Soul2008
Rain In My HeartMy Blue World1988
Rainy FridayHeartbeat1986
Rhythm Of RainFollow The Light1999
Rhythm Of The NightTotally1992
Ride On A StarFollow The Light1999
Russia In My EyesHeart & Soul2008
S.O.S. For LoveTonite2000
S.O.S. For Love (Rap Edit)Tonite2000
Save Your LoveTotally1992
Save Your LoveRarities Remixed2009
Save Your Love '99...Continued1999
Save Your Love (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Say You'll Be MineTo Blue Horizons1994
Show Me The WayThe Fifth1989
Show Me The Way (New Hit Version)302015
Show Me The Way To Your HeartHeart & Soul2008
Someone 2 LoveRarities Remixed2009
Someone To LoveThe Fifth1989
SometimesHeart & Soul2008
Somewhere In My HeartTonite2000
Sooner Or LaterKiss1993
Stay With Me...Continued1999
Still In LoveHeart & Soul2008
Still In Love (Almighty-U4IC Exclusive Vox Remix)Heart & Soul2008
Still In Love 2010 (Acoustic Vocal Mix)252010
Sweet LoveFollow The Light1999
Take A ChanceTo Blue Horizons1994
Take A Piece Of My HeartTonite2000
Tell It EverybodyHouse Of Silence1991
The Power Of The Night...Continued1999
The Woman I LoveKiss1993
The Woman I Love (New Hit Version)302015
There Is Nothing That Compares...Continued1999
Think About YouAround The World2003
Thinking About YouFollow The Light1999
Those Were The DaysHeart & Soul2008
Till The End Of TimeMy Blue World1988
Till The End Of TimeRarities Remixed2009
Tonight Is The NightHeart & Soul2008
Train At MidnightHouse Of Silence1991
U 'n' IBang! Bang! Bang!1996
Under The BoardwalkHouse Of Silence1991
Under The BoardwalkFollow The Light1999
Victim Of Your LoveLove Is No Crime1987
Waiting For TonightTonite2000
Waiting For TonightRarities Remixed2009
Warm And Tender LoveTotally1992
What A FeelingTotally1992
What Else? (Radio Mix)To Blue Horizons1994
When I Kiss YouFollow The Light1999
When I See Your SmileBang! Bang! Bang!1996
When Our Love Was YoungHouse Of Silence1991
When Our Love Was Young (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
Where Are You NowThe Fifth1989
Where Are You Now (The Original 1st Recording Session) ("Come Back And Stay" Later)302015
Where Have You GoneKiss1993
Who's That Man?Totally1992
Why (Misty Eyes)Love Is No Crime1987
Why (Misty Eyes) (New Hit Version)302015
Wouldn't It Be Good...Continued1999
You And IHeart & Soul2008
You Take Me To The LightTonite2000
You're A WomanHot Girls, Bad Boys1985
You're A Woman (Original Remix 1998)Back1998
You're A Woman (Re-Recorded 2010)252010
You're A Woman 2010 (MS Project RMX Edit)252010
You're The ReasonTonite2000
You’re A Woman (Alternative Mix)302015
You’re A Woman (Reloaded)302015