Diskografie Anita Ward

Anita Ward

US-amerikanische Popsängerin,
Geboren 20. Dezember 1956 in Memphis, Tennessee


Songs Of Love

01   Make Believe Lovers
02   If I Could Feel That Old Feeling Again
03   Spoiled By Your Love
04   I Won't Stop Loving You
05   Ring My Bell
06   Sweet Splendor
07   There Is No Doubt About It
08   You Lied


Sweet Surrender

01   Cover Me
02   Don't Drop My Love
03   Caught Between A Good Thing And Good-bye
04   Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do
05   Forever Green
06   I Go Crazy
07   Forever Love You More
08   Someday We'll Be Together


Wherever There's Love

01   All The Money In The World
02   Have I Got A Girl For You
03   Someone Like You
04   Tough Love
05   When A Woman Loves
06   Ring My Bell
07   I'll Be The Girl
08   Who Wants To Be In Love
09   Lady Bodybuilder
10   Be My Baby
11   I'll Be Loving You (Always)
12   Wherever There's Love

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